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Instagram is a platform where skilled Instagram photographers from all over the world share their experiences with other people. Instagram photographers claim that a picture is worth a thousand words. Instagram photographers claim that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here, we’ve prepared a list of top 30 photographers on Instagram in 2019. Hopefully, they inspire your creativity and give you an outlook on what the top photographers are doing 🙂

Instagram Photographers of 2019

30. Victor Cubo – @victor_cobo

instagram photographers

Victor Cobo is an artist and photographer who produces some hauntingly lovely pictures and publishes them on his Instagram account.

29. Robert Smith – @shootwithrobert

Robert is the sound of nature; all of his pictures are beautiful shots of nature, especially jungles and rivers. 

28. Elizabeth Huey – @elizabeth_huey

Elizabeth Huey is an American photographer and painter and shares her works on Instagram. She has her style of painting, and this makes her very special.

27. Rachel Hau – @rachelhau

Hau is one of the Instagram photographers who illustrates streets with her camera. If you’re looking for street photography inspiration, follow this page.

26. Sam Moores – @sammooresphoto

Moores is one of the commercial Instagram photographers and a car lover, Amateur Racer, Youtuber and a blogger.

25. Stacy Kranitz – @stacykranitz

Stacy Kranitz is a documentary photographer whose photos concentrate on the real lifestyles of people of the United States.

24. Gueorgui Pinkhassov – @pinkhassov

Pinkhassov’s feed is full of wonderfully accurate, close-up shots of every day, unless ordinary objects.

23. LA – @creationsofla

He owns an impressive job portfolio, working with musicians and fashion labels. La is one of the heads of this new generation of visual artists among Instagram photographers.

22. Chien-Chi Chang – @chien_chi_chang

instagram photographers

Chien-Chi Chang is an Asian photographer and one of Magnum Photos members. His pictures are all about lifestyles in his country.

21. Alec Soth – @littlebrownmushroom

Alec Soth is an artist and photographer and owner of the Little Brown Mushroom company. The purpose of Little Brown Mushroom is to help more artists and photographers to test and produce visual stories.

20. Ben Lowy – @benlowy

Benjamin Lowy is a photojournalist from the United States. His photos consist of fantastic shots of animals and nature and alarming portraits.

19. Victoria Siemer – @witchoria

instagram photographers

Victoria Siemer generates some amazingly mysterious art by using her photography skills. Surreal pictures that lead you to a different world and give you rest for thinking.

18. Paul Zizka – @paulzizkaphoto

Zizka is an adventurous person and winner of landscape and adventure photographer award. His pictures mostly are snowy mountains and beautiful icy caves.

17. Maria Svarbova – @maria.svarbova

Her enthusiasm for colour, reflection and perspective is captivating. Many of her pictures feature bold, striking and colourful swimming pool pictures.

16. Omar Z. Robles – @omarzrobles

Omar Z. Robles is a photographer from NYC, passionate about capturing dance art and acrobatic movements.

15. Miss Hattan – @misshattan

instagram photographers

Miss Hattan is one of the most prominent Instagram photographers in New York. His pictures range from the different viewing points of nature to the financial world and streets of New York.

14. Daniel Rueda – @drcuerda

This account is managed by Daniel Rueda and Anna Devís and used to say stories with their pictures. The outcomes are amazing pictures that often look more like works of art than pieces of photography.

13. Dan Rubin – @danrubin

Dan Rubin is a designer and photographer who gives you an innovative and excellent view of the world by using his shots of different perspectives. 

12. Pei Ketron – @pketron

instagram photographers

Pei Ketron is one of the top Instagram photographers and influencers. Her fame is because of taking photos with mobile.

11. Adam Senatori – @adamsenatori

Adam Senatori is a filmmaker, pilot and one of the famous Instagram photographers. He also takes travel photography for outfits like LA Tourism and the Oahu Visitors Bureau.

10. Dylan Furst – @fursty

Dylan Furst is a filmmaker and one of the famous Instagram photographers based in Bellingham, Washington state. His pictures are all about nature with a special and unique theme.

9. Theron Humphrey – @thiswildidea

Theron Humphrey obtained fame and popularity on Instagram while recording a documentary across all 50 states of the US and sharing his travel experiments on Instagram.

8. Hannes Becker – @hannes_becker

instagram photographers

Becker is another nature photographer and a drone pilot; he has named herself a German Roamer. His breathtaking pictures of landscapes and nature are stunning.

7. Jack Harries – @jackharries

Harries is a filmmaker and environmental activist and also a photography influencer on Instagram. His work as a photographer and video artist was started on social media.

6. Michael Yamashita – @yamashitaphoto

Yamashita is another National Geographic photographers and Instagram photographers with more than one million followers. His pictures are about nature and daily life in Asia. 

5. Pete Souza – @petesouza

instagram photographers

Peter Joseph Souza is an American photojournalist, the former Chief Official White House Photographer for U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama and the former director of the White House Photography Office.

4. Jimmy Chin – @jimmychin

Jimmy Chin is another National Geographic photographer and one of the greatest Instagram photographers and influencers; he is also a professional climber and film director.

3. Steve McCurry – @stevemccurryofficial

instagram photographers

Steve McCurry is one of the best known Instagram photographers. His portfolio covers many nations, religions and cultures, and his camera skills are truly second to none.

2. Chris Burckard – @chrisburkard

instagram photographers

Chris Burkard is another American photographer of nature who has gathered a high number of followers on Instagram. His pictures are beautiful places all over the world and also landscapes, lifestyles and places he travels. 

1. Paul Nicklen – @paulnicklen

Paul Nicklen is one of the greatest and most famous Instagram photographers from Canada. He is also a filmmaker, marine biologist and one a National Geographic photographer.