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By 2020, the influencer global marketing spend is set to increase by $2 billion! So it’s suggested you get in now while companies are spending, spending, spending.

In this article, we’ve provided you with 10 of the top Instagram influencers absolutely killing it in 2019 with campaign deals and high engagement rates!

We’ve focused on micro-influencers (10k-50k followers), and macro-influencers (50k-100k followers) as these are the types of Instagram influencers brands want to work with the most. Why? Because they have high engagement rates and strong relationships with their fanbase!

Top Instagram Influencers for 2020 with the Highest Engagement Rates

10. Indira Scott – @inscotts

Followers: 35.5k

Engagement Rate: 14.6%

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Born in Jamaica, Queens, New York, Indira Scott is a fashion model for luxurious brands like Dior, Balmain, Savage x Fenty, Coach New York, Ralph Lauren, and more!

As a Ralph Lauren brand ambassador, she is seen rocking their gear, promoting the brand to her followers more than likely receiving cash compensation for doing so.

9. Anna – @mrsannnna

Followers: 85.6k

Engagement Rate: 17.5%

instagram influencers

Anna is a 22-year-old lifestyle and fashion influencer from Germany. She is seen promoting a Daniel Wellington’s watch for Black Friday with her custom discount code “MRSANNA” with a possible 65% of the brand’s products.

If you didn’t know, coupon codes in influencer campaigns are beneficial for brands and Instagram influencers as they incentivize followers to purchase! The more money made from this campaign means more money for the brand, and Anna if there are any bonus’ included for # of sales.

8. Alexis Brejay – @lexibrejay

Followers: 39.1k

Engagement Rate: 17.5%

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Alexis BreJay is an American fashion and beauty model signed to the LUSTT modelling agency. Also, she’s a brand ambassador and influencer for LIBERATE LA, a women’s apparel brand that is popular on social media. In her Instagram post above, she is seen sporting one of their sexy dresses’.

7. JonyP – @jonyp.artist

Followers: 21k

Engagement Rate: 17.7%

JonyP is a drummer, pianist, composer, producer, and music influencer from Quebec, Canada. He is a brand ambassador for Ebenor Percussion using their drum sets on Instagram promoting the brand. Perks of this collab for Jony is that he probably gets free products to try as well as getting paid for all of this!

6. Kennie – @kenniejd

Followers: 61.8k

Engagement Rate: 17.9%

Kennie is one of many makeup artists and makeup Instagram influencers regularly posting selfies of herself after her fresh face of makeup has been applied! She is a K-Beauty ambassador and has even worked with Walmart promoting their makeup products on her Insta profile!

5. DAYNA G – @dimedayna

Followers: 10.3k

Engagement Rate: 18.1%

Dayna G is a beauty and fashion influencer from South Florida, USA. She’s seen promoting the streetwear and Instagram big brand Reckless Girls.

Also, she’s a licensed esthetician owning an eyelash and eyebrows grooming business titled Dimesthetics.

4. Jette – @jette

Followers: 77.5k

Engagement Rate: 18.2%

At just 22 years of age, Jette is an upcoming fashion model and beauty Instagram influencer from Berlin, Germany.

She has worked with leading brands like Biotherm Germany, promoting their Aqua Glow Concentrate product. As well as Tommy Hilfiger, modelling their clothes; showcasing her modelling talent and impressive Insta reach to the German market.

3. Katie Sarife – @katiesarife

Followers: 88k

Engagement Rate: 22.8%

Katie Sarife is an actress most known for her roles in Annabelle Comes Home and Supernatural. She is a committed vegan so PETA, who ensures animals are treated fairly and not abused, sent her a vegan package of goodies which she posted on Instagram. PETA will receive a lot of publicity for this – even I didn’t know what PETA was before her Instagram post.

2. Elena Ljamcevska – @elenagrncarova

Followers: 42.2k

Engagement Rate: 25%

This Instagram influencer works with several brands promoting their products, including the likes of, Pretty Little Thing, Fashion TV, BALR., Sam Marcel Cosmetics, Foreo, and more!

In the post above, she is seen promoting Glam Glow’s face mask!

1. Bea Brina – @bea_brina

Followers: 18.5k

Engagement Rate: 32.2%

At number 1, we have Bea Brina who is the ultimate micro-influencer based in Spain, working with over 15 brands, including BABOR, Corona, Converse, and more!

She boasts a wicked 32.2% engagement rate which is why she gets so many brand deals. It just goes to show that having a high engagement rate on Instagram and over 10,000 followers can make you some good cash!

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