Influencer marketing has become a gateway for marketers to reach new audiences – niche audiences more specifically. Marketers utilize these already formed audiences by connecting with Instagram influencers having them promote their products/services on their account. 

Instagram influencers can be broken down into subcategories, most notably, micro and macro. However, as data has become greater, marketers are more precise when categorizing these influencers, breaking categories down even further. Formed from these new data are micro, mid-tier, macro, and mega influencers tiers.

But what is the difference and how are they broken down? We will explain in-depth the differences and what makes each one beneficial.

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This Instagram influencer type ranges from 10,000 to 50,000 followers. Generally, these influencers are regular people with every day 9-5 jobs sharing their experiences and opinions with their followers. Because micro-influencers are “regular people” they resonate very well with their audiences and have built trust and a relationship with them.

Laura Ellner, also known as OnTheRacks, is a great example of an Instagram micro-influencer in the style and beauty market. In the post above, she is wearing frames made by UnframeTheBeauty and mentions the brand within her post caption. Doing so, she was likely paid for this and in-return UnframeTheBeauty receives promotion of their product to over 35,000 unique Instagram users. 

Engagement rates of Instagram micro-influencers on their posts are generally high, which is why brands tend to look utilize this category. Laura has a profile engagement rate of 2.05% which is a solid number – anything beyond 3% is very high.

In the post above, she received 3119 likes and 141 comments meaning her engagement rate for that post alone was 8.7% – a successful campaign.

Mid-Tier Influencer

The mid-tier influencer typically has between 50,000 to 500,000 followers. These Instagram influencers don’t have as strong of a relationship with their audience as micro-influencers but their reach is greater. The audiences these influencers capture is wider and more diverse. Mid-tier influencers generally dominate as they have strong engagement rates but also have a wide audience, the perfect threshold for engagement and reach!

Danyelle Nobile, also known as Fashionablynoble is a mid-tier fashion Instagram influencer always modelling her latest fashion pieces. In the post above, she is sporting her sweater from Shopakira. Because of her 180,000 followers, the solid amount of her users interacted with it.

Macro Influencer

Macro influencer’s follower count ranges from 500,000 to 1,000,000. This type of Instagram influencer is seen as a mini-celeb but doesn’t possess the strongest relationship with their followers. These influencers have a great reach within specific niche audiences they target. If a brand wants to target the beauty industry, then they will look for a macro influencer that focuses on beauty, who’s followers are all about beauty. The content quality of a macro influencer is of the highest order as quality content is their bible; they eat, sleep, and breathe content. Also, these influencers are always looking for new opportunities so reaching out to them isn’t all that difficult as one might assume.

Wayne Goss is a very popular makeup and beauty Instagram influencer who often showcases the products he uses or tries on a frequent basis. In the post above, the brand Wayne is promoting is sure to receive hundreds of thousands of new exposure from Instagram users – the more followers, the more reach!

Mega Influencer

Mega influencers are the major celebs of the world. These Instagram influencers have over 1million followers and are super expensive and difficult to attain for brands. They are paid huge lump sums of money for one post and are well known within the social media world, as well as the real world. A brand invests in a mega-influencer if they want to increase the awareness of their brand and or product. With their incredible amount of reach, brands utilize this to receive an explosive amount as the follower audience isn’t niche specific. Note, most followers don’t believe them as they are aware these influencers are being paid to promote products. 

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Striking a pose in the new @puma Defy Mid. #DoYou

A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

Selena Gomez is one of the most popular stars in Hollywood. She has over 150million followers on Instagram and is often seen promoting the Puma and Coach brands. Due to being a mega influencer, these big brands work with celebs like her as they are the most famous. The biggest brands look to work with mega influencers as they have the money.


In conclusion, micro, mid-tier, macro, and mega all have their benefits. Micro-influencers have high engagement rates and strong relationships with their audiences. Mid-tier influencers are similar to micro however they have slightly fewer engagement rates on average but more reach. Macro influencers are mini-celebrities with quality content and a high reach. Lastly, mega influencers are celebrities and their reach is to the masses. Whichever Instagram influencer you look to work with depends on your goals and budget, however, influencer marketing is something all businesses should be investing in.