Frequently Asked Questions For Brands and Agencies

Influencer marketing is a high performing digital marketing approach where influencers (sometimes called “creators” or “ambassadors”) will promote your business on their Instagram feed. Marketers love it because their brand message is delivered through the authentic voice of the influencer, and their audiences are usually highly targeted and engaged.

The challenge with influencer marketing is the complexity, time, and risk associated with running campaigns, while ensuring brand safety, and finding high quality influencers to work with. Ainfluencer solves these issues with smart and easy tools, plus our risk free model to get started.

It all starts with creating an Campaign on the Ainfleuncer marketplace, and then inviting targeted influencers to collaborate. An Campaign contains the basic outline for a promotion that you’d like published on an influencer’s feed or story on Instagram.

To get started, create a free account and follow the startup wizard to create your first Ad.

When you create an Campaign on Ainfluencer, it is automatically published on the Campaign marketplace. The marketplace is only accessible by verified influencers who use the Ainfluencer app to explore Campaigns, make offers and chat with brands (like you).

By posting your Campaign, you gain access to thousands of Instagram influencers and will start generating buzz right away, and it will get you closer to finding ideal influencers to collaborate with.

There are two ways to get connected with influencers on Ainfluencer:

One way is to use the Influencer Discovery tool in your dashboard. Search for influencers using our AI-powered matching system, or use filters like location, hashtag, keywords, follower size and more in order to refine your list. Once you find a few that you like, simply click INVITE. Ainfluencer will then send exclusive invites to them via email to collaborate with you.

The second way to connect is to wait for influencers to connect with you. As soon as you post your Campaign, it is available on the marketplace where thousands of influencers can explore and make offers.

Once an Offer is made, either through the influencer invite process or when an influencer makes an offer through the marketplace, you will receive email notifications, as well as a notification in the dashboard to start chatting and working through the Offer.

Visit the Offers tab to review the Offer and chat with the influencer. The Offer Chat contains built in offer stages to help you work toward a final agreement. You will be alerted each time that an offer is updated as well – for example, if an influencer updates the price or graphics, you will get notified.

Once you feel ready to proceed you can accept the Offer and make a payment. The payment is held for you until the post is successfully published on the influencer’s Instagram page.

All of the tools available through the dashboard are 100% free to use. Create Campaigns, search for influencers, invite them to collaborate and make deals using the Offer chat… all free!

Once a deal is accepted by an influencer, you will be prompted to pay the agreed upon fee. To protect your investment, this fee is held by Ainfluencer until the post is successfully published. Ainfluencer generates a small commission which is deducted from the influencer’s payment

Quality is always the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to working with influencers. Do they have real followers on their Instagram page? Are their engagement rates artificially inflated? It’s hard to tell just by looking at a profile.

We have been collecting information on thousands of Instagram influencers for years now… over 800,000 to date. Based on our experience and using AI (artificial intelligence), we created a proprietary Quality Score that helps you analyze potential partners. To access the Quality Score, use the influencer discovery tool in your dashboard. The higher the score, the higher the quality.

We are also focused on making sure you work with influencers best suited for your page and niche. We have developed AI-powered matching based on keyword, hashtags, business category and location. Let Ainfluencer find partners that are right for you, or refine your search using the intuitive search filters in the discovery screen.

Frequently Asked Questions For Influencers

To access the Campaign Marketplace you first have to download the App and register an account with Ainfluencer. The App is available for both Android and iOS operating systems and can be downloaded from our “For Influencers” page.

After downloading the App, you will be prompted to create an account using a username, password, your Instagram account name and a few other details. Once completed, you will see recent listings in the App home screen, and a complete list in the Campaign explorer tab.

There are two ways to connect with brands on the marketplace.

1. You can explore Campaigns through the App and once you find an Campaign that interests you, you can simply click the “Make an Offer” button to get started.

2. The other ways to get connected with brands is when a brand finds you when searching for influencers in their dashboard, and invites you to collaborate.

Remember that to use the Campaign Explorer, you first have to download the Influencer App and register an account.

Ainfleuncer manages the payment due from brands (or buyers) on the platform. This not only creates confidence and trust with brands, but also ensures that influencers get paid on time.

Ainfluencer charges the influencer a commission on successfully posted Offers, which automatically deducted from the payment made by the buyer. Commission rates vary from 10% to 20% of the accepted offer fee. To view the payment schedule and additional delivery details, please visit our Terms of Service page.

Fees earned on Ainfluencer are credited to your Wallet which can be accessed from the Influencer App home screen.

Simply click on the Wallet button and follow the on screen prompts to withdraw your funds. You will first need to provide payment method information which includes direct deposit in some regions, or PayPal.