Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Brands and Agencies

To sign up as a brand on Ainfluencer, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Ainfluencer website at
  2. On the sign-up page, you will see different options. Look for the “I am a Company or Brand” button and click on it.
  3. You have two options for signing up:
  4. Option 1: Sign up directly using your Gmail address:

– Click on the “Sign up with Google” button.

– You will be redirected to the Google sign-in page.

– Enter your Gmail address and password to sign up for Ainfluencer.

  1. Option 2: Fill in the registration form:

– Input your full name, email address, password, and phone number in the provided fields.

– Make sure to create a strong and secure password.

– Read and agree to the terms and conditions of Ainfluencer.

  1. Once you have filled in the necessary information, click on the “Create Account” or similar button.
  2. A verification email will be sent to the email address you provided during the sign-up process.
  3. Check your email inbox and locate the email from Ainfluencer.
  4. Open the email and find the 5-digit verification code provided.
  5. Return to the Ainfluencer website and enter the verification code in the provided field.
  6. Click on the “Verify Account” button to complete the verification process.

Adding your business name is important because it is shown to influencers on the platform. It helps establish brand recognition alongside transparency and increases the chances of attracting relevant influencers for collaborations.

 Adding your brand logo is important because it enhances brand recognition, professionalism, differentiation, consistency, memorability, and emotional connection with influencers.

Choosing your company’s size on Ainfluencer is important because it allows the AI systems to recommend influencers based on the size of your company and the specific requirements of your campaigns. This ensures that you receive tailored recommendations that are suitable for your company’s capacity and objectives.

Choosing your business location on Ainfluencer is important because it enables the AI systems to recommend influencers who are relevant to your specific location. By specifying your location, you can target influencers who have a local presence or audience in the same area, increasing the likelihood of effective collaborations and reaching your target market more efficiently.

Choosing your business category on Ainfluencer is important because it allows the AI systems to recommend influencers who are relevant to your specific industry or niche. By selecting your business category, you can receive tailored recommendations that align with your target audience and campaign objectives. This increases the likelihood of finding influencers who have expertise or influence within your industry, leading to more effective and targeted influencer marketing campaigns.

Yes, you can choose different categories for your business on Ainfluencer. The platform allows you to select multiple categories that best represent your business or industry. This flexibility enables you to reach a broader range of influencers who specialize in different areas and cater to various audiences. By selecting multiple categories, you can enhance the precision and diversity of influencer recommendations, increasing the chances of finding the right influencers for your specific campaign goals.

Choosing relevant hashtags on Ainfluencer is important because it helps AI recommend influencers aligned with your preferred hashtags. Hashtags categorize content and selecting ones related to your brand increases the chance of finding engaged influencers. This maximizes the effectiveness of your influencer marketing.

Estimating your budget on Ainfluencer is crucial for AI to recommend affordable influencers aligned with your financial goals. It ensures efficient and cost-effective partnerships, allowing effective planning and successful influencer marketing.

Selecting influencers based on demographics on Ainfluencer is important for targeting specific audience segments. It ensures your collaborations reach the right people and optimizes your influencer marketing efforts.

Choosing objectives on Ainfluencer is crucial for AI to recommend goal-aligned influencers, optimizing the effectiveness of your influencer marketing.

Creating a campaign is essential in order to start your influencer marketing journey and effectively collaborate with influencers. By creating a campaign, you communicate your goals, targets, and expectations to influencers, providing them with a clear understanding of what you aim to achieve.

To create a campaign on Ainfluencer, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Ainfluencer account and access your dashboard.
2. On the left side of the dashboard, you will find the campaign management button. Click on it to proceed.
3. Within the campaign management section, locate the “Create a New Campaign” button and click on it.

Selecting an influencer’s gender can be crucial for targeting a specific audience or aligning with your brand’s message. Here’s why it’s significant:

Targeted Marketing: Certain products or campaigns cater to a specific gender, and choosing an influencer’s gender helps customize your message to resonate with that audience.

Representation and Diversity: Featuring influencers of different genders promotes inclusivity and attracts a diverse audience.

Brand Voice and Identity: Collaborating with influencers of a particular gender ensures consistency in messaging and storytelling, reflecting your brand’s identity.

Audience Preferences: Considering your target audience’s gender preferences enhances the likelihood of connecting with them effectively.

Uploading content and captions when creating a campaign is crucial for providing influencers with direction, maintaining brand consistency, and saving time. It guides their creative approach and ensures a smoother collaboration process.

To add content to your campaign on Ainfluencer, follow these steps:
You have three options to choose from:
a) Upload from your device: This option allows you to select and upload content directly from your computer or mobile device.
b) Upload from online libraries: You can connect Ainfluencer to your online storage accounts, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, and select content from there.
c) Upload using your content library: If you have previously uploaded content to your content library on Ainfluencer, you can select and add it to your campaign.

Specifying the post duration in a campaign sets clear expectations, ensures time-bound promotions, maintains campaign consistency, enables content rotation, facilitates performance evaluation, and establishes influencer commitment. It provides strategic control and enhances campaign management and effectiveness.

Choosing a bio link in a campaign has several benefits, including directing traffic, promoting products, measuring engagement, creating customized landing pages, maintaining brand consistency, and providing flexibility and control. It enhances campaign effectiveness and guides users to desired destinations, increasing conversions and customer engagement.


Choosing a campaign title and description is crucial for attracting influencers, communicating requirements, setting expectations, guiding content creation, differentiation, searchability, and maintaining consistency. It plays a vital role in generating interest, conveying information, and ensuring a cohesive campaign message.

Talking about your brand in a campaign is crucial for brand awareness, identity, differentiation, trust, emotional connection, partnership opportunities, and content inspiration.

Campaign approval by the Ainfluencer admin is a crucial step in maintaining quality and effectiveness in your influencer marketing efforts. It ensures quality control, compliance with guidelines and regulations, optimization, platform consistency, fraud prevention, and user support. Admin approval helps maintain the integrity of the influencer community, ensures compliance with platform policies, and protects brands and influencers from legal or ethical issues. Additionally, admin feedback and suggestions can optimize your campaign for better performance and help you achieve your goals more efficiently. Overall, campaign approval enhances the success of your influencer marketing collaboration and contributes to a high-quality influencer marketing ecosystem.

Once your campaign is ready, you can invite influencers in two ways:
1. Discover Influencers: Use the “Discover Influencers” button once you have successfully created your campaign to search and find influencers who meet your campaign requirements.
2. Find Influencers: Click on the “Find Influencers” button on your dashboard to search for influencers based on specific criteria.

When using search filters to find influencers, customize your search using these criteria:

1. Keywords, usernames and hashtags: Enter relevant terms related to your industry, niche, or campaign theme to refine results.

2. Audience Size: Set minimum and maximum thresholds to find influencers with the desired reach for your campaign.

3. Content Categories: Choose influencers specializing in specific categories like fashion, beauty, fitness, or technology.

4. Filter Combination: Combine multiple filters to narrow down results further. For example, search for influencers in a specific country, with a particular audience size, and expertise in a specific content category.

To view an influencer’s profile while inviting them to your campaign, follow these steps:

1. When you are in the process of inviting influencers, you will typically see a list of potential influencers or search results based on your criteria.

2. Look for the influencer’s username, which is usually displayed beneath their name or profile picture. The username is often clickable or hyperlinked.

3. Click on the influencer’s username to access their profile. This action will redirect you to the influencer’s complete profile page, where you can find more information about them.

To send bulk invites to influencers, you can follow these steps:

1. When you are viewing a list of influencers or search results, look for a “Select All” button or checkbox. This option allows you to select all the influencers listed on the page at once.

2. Click on the “Select All” button or checkbox to select all the influencers displayed on the current page. This action will automatically mark all the influencers for invitation.

3. Once you have selected all the influencers, Click on the “Invite Influencers” button to send bulk invites to all the selected influencers.

To check your inbox and view messages and offers, proceed to the left side of your dashboard, Click on the “Offers” tab to access your inbox.

To filter messages in your inbox and organize them based on specific criteria, you can use the status drop-down list and actions drop-down list. Here’s how:

1. Once you are in the Offers tab, you will see a list of messages and offers in your inbox.
2. Look for the “Status” drop-down list or menu, it allows you to filter messages based on their status. Select the desired status option from the drop-down list to filter the messages accordingly.
3. Additionally, you may find an “Actions” drop-down list or menu next to the “Status” drop-down list. This drop-down list provides further filtering options based on specific actions you can take. Choose the appropriate action from the drop-down list to filter the messages based on that action.

Once an influencer sends you an offer, you can use the reject button to reject their offer. you may need to choose your rejection reasons. Also, you are able to reject an influencer’s offer by clicking on the three dots button and click on the “Reject Offer” button

To reject an offer from an influencer on the platform, locate the specific offer and use either the “Reject” button or the three dots button to initiate the rejection process. Follow any prompts to provide reasons for the rejection if required. Ensure that the rejection is done respectfully and professionally.

To ask for insights from an influencer on the platform, open the offer with the influencer and click on the chart button in the chat box at the bottom of the screen. Then, specify your inquiries or questions related to the insights you require. The influencer will respond with the requested information, providing you with valuable data to support your decision-making process.

To add message templates on the platform, open the offer with the influencer and click on the template button in the chat box at the bottom of the screen.
Create new templates or manage existing ones in the templates section. When composing a message, select the desired template to insert its content into the message editor.

To accept an offer on the platform, locate the offer and click on the “Accept” button at the top of the screen. Review the collaboration details and follow any additional steps or instructions if required. By accepting the offer, you confirm your agreement to collaborate with the influencer based on the provided terms and conditions.

To report an influencer on the platform, open the influencer’s offer and use the three dots button to access the report options. Select the “Report Influencer” option and provide additional data or details regarding the issue. Submit the report, and the platform administrators will review the information and take appropriate actions based on the report.

To block an influencer on the platform, open the influencer’s offer and use the three dots button to access the options. Select the “Block Influencer” option.

To share content with an influencer on the platform, open the chat box with the influencer and click on the clip or attachment icon. Choose the content you want to share, add any necessary context, and send the message. The influencer will be able to access and view the shared content within the chat, facilitating smooth communication and collaboration.

To pay an influencer on the platform, you can either use the funds and credits in your platform wallet or choose to pay directly using your credit card or PayPal account using the “Make A Payment” button. Ensure that you have sufficient funds or a linked payment method in your account, and follow the provided steps to complete the payment securely.

To charge your wallet on the Ainfluencer dashboard, first click on the card button on the top side of the screen. After heading to “Payments& Transactions”, navigate to and click on the “Add Funds” button. Now you need to choose or input the desired amount to charge your wallet and input the required data from your PayPal or credit card and proceed with charging your wallet.

To set up a meeting with the Ainfluencer Support Team, simply click on the link below to book your desired time and date according to your schedule.

To contact the Ainfluencer Support Team, you can either navigate to the bottom-right corner of the screen to utilize our live chat option or simply contact us using [email protected]

Once the content is published by the influencer, the related URL to the post will be placed in the Ainfluencer dashboard. After viewing the created content, you can proceed to the influencer’s offer and simply click on the “Approve Post” button.

To view your publishing schedule with different influencers, log in to your Ainfluencer account. Navigate to the left panel and click on the “Scheduler” Button.

To leave a review for any influencer post-publish, proceed to the influencer’s offer. On the right panel, you are able to view the “Write A Review” button. Provide additional information to submit your review.

To extend your publishing deadline, proceed to your communications with the influencer on Offers Chat Inbox on Ainfluencer and use Extend Deadline’ or “Edit” buttons to extend the deadline.

To edit your brand’s information on Ainfluencer, log in to your account. Navigate to the top right corner of the dashboard and hover over your brand’s name. Click on the “Edit Account” button. You can make changes to your information. Keep in mind that after any changes, scroll down and click on the “Save Changes” button.

To change your password, click on the “Forget My Password?” button on the login page. Input the email associated with your Ainfluencer account and click on the “Send Me Rest Link” button. Proceed to your email inbox and open the email sent to you from the Ainfluencer team. Click on the “Reset Password” button included in the email. Input your new password and re-enter it. Click on the “Submit” button. Now, use your new password to log in.

Frequently Asked Questions For Influencers

To access the Campaign Marketplace you first have to download the App and register an account with Ainfluencer. The App is available for both Android and iOS operating systems and can be downloaded from our “For Influencers” page.

After downloading the App, you will be prompted to create an account using a username, password, your Instagram account name and a few other details. Once completed, you will see recent listings in the App home screen, and a complete list in the Campaign explorer tab.

There are two ways to connect with brands on the marketplace.

1. You can explore Campaigns through the App and once you find an Campaign that interests you, you can simply click the “Make an Offer” button to get started.

2. The other ways to get connected with brands is when a brand finds you when searching for influencers in their dashboard, and invites you to collaborate.

Remember that to use the Campaign Explorer, you first have to download the Influencer App and register an account.

Ainfleuncer manages the payment due from brands (or buyers) on the platform. This not only creates confidence and trust with brands, but also ensures that influencers get paid on time.

Ainfluencer charges the influencer a commission on successfully posted Offers, which automatically deducted from the payment made by the buyer. Commission rates vary from 10% to 20% of the accepted offer fee. To view the payment schedule and additional delivery details, please visit our Terms of Service page.

Fees earned on Ainfluencer are credited to your Wallet which can be accessed from the Influencer App home screen.

Simply click on the Wallet button and follow the on screen prompts to withdraw your funds. You will first need to provide payment method information which includes direct deposit in some regions, or PayPal.