How We Release Payouts to Influencers

1. Influencers close a deal with a brand and agree on all the terms of collaboration within Offer Chat such as:

    • The publishing date- make sure you set enough time and if needed extend it.
    • Creatives type and place to be published.
    • Whether a link will be placed in your Bio
    • The duration of post to stay live on your social account
    • Getting approval of the content by the brand before pubslihing.
    • And any other requirements you agreed with brand on directly.
  1. When a brand makes payment:  those funds are held in Ainfluencer Escrow for up to 10 days after the post has been published to ensure all the deal criteria are met.
  2. Ainfluecer team verifies the deal delivery by influencers within the first 3 days. 
  3. If approved, then funds get released into your wallet within the next 7 days ready to be withdrawn.
  4. To withdraw your funds, your wallet has to have a minimum $20.
Withdrawl Process:
  1. Head over to the app, Profile tab. 
  2. Click on Wallet
  3. If you have n’t set up your payout method, set it up.
  4. If you have more than $20 in your wallet, hit “Withdraw”
  5. Enter the amount and submit the request.

  6. IMPORTANT – Please do not ask the brands about the status of your payment as the funds are in Ainfluencer Escrow and only Ainfluencer is responsible for your payouts.

  7. Our support team receives your request and will send the funds to the Paypal account specified.

    NOTE – Funds are typically held for several days in case there are disputes. So please be patient as we process your reques

  8. In any case you need more clarification cotact us at: [email protected]

Influencer Payments On Ainfluencer

As an Influencer (also referred to as the Sellers), you develop a custom Offer with Brands (also referred to as Buyers) using the criteria below, which are negotiated between you both using the Offer Chat on Ainfluencer. Once an Offer is accepted and the Buyer (brand) makes a payment, the success criteria becomes the formal agreement between you both.

You create the content and  publish the post on your social account according this success criteria. Ainfluencer will verify that these criteria have been reasonably met. Following the Successful delivery of contnet or post, payment will be deposited to your “wallet” as described below.

Success Criteria

Publishing Dates or Publish Schedule

Refers to the start date or date range for when the Buyer and Seller agree that the post is to be published on the Seller’s page. If a Date Range is selected, the end date denotes the last possible day in which the post can be published.

Buyer URL/Link on Seller’s Social Bio

Refers to whether the Seller agrees to publish the Buyer’s product, website or service URL on their Instagram/TikTok or other social account's bio durining the run the campaign duration.

Making changes after a payment is made

both Buyer and Seller may make changes to the Paid Offer after payment has been made. These changes must be approved by both sides before publishing which will be done through the Offer Chat and each party must cnfirm them.
Some changes can be done via Edit option and some must be done via direct chat.

Publishing Duration

Refers to the length of time in which the Buyer and Seller agree that the Post must stay posted in a continuous manner from the initial start date, on the Seller’s Instagram or TikTok page. For example, if the publish date specified is Feb. 14th, and the duration is 5 days, then the Post must stay on the Sellers Instagram page until no earlier than Feb 19th.

Creative Format

is the agreed upon format for the creative delivery of the Post. Options include:

  • Instagram:
  • Single Image Feed
  • Post Multi-image Feed Post (Carousel Post)
  • Feed or Reels with Video
  • Single image Story Post
  • Multi image Story Post
  • Story Post with Video
  • TikToks
  • Feed Video
  • Story Video
  • Price

    The final price is always the one that is negotiated between the Buyer and Seller in the Offer Details screen. Initial pricing or pricing from the Seller’s AI based estimated pricing will not be considered.

    If the Buyer and Seller wish to have multiple creative formats promoted

    such as both a feed post and a Story. In this case, the Buyer should communicate these extra criteria within the chat with influencer and get their confirmation explicitly.

    Ainfluencer Seller Fees and Withdrawing Revenues

    All transactions on Ainfluencer are paid by the Buyer and held on account for you until the Post and/or content is successfully delivered.

    A fee of 20% of the Paid Offer amount will be automatically deducted from the fee and 80% will be released to influencer.

    To withdraw your funds, you must configure your Payment Method in the Ainfluencer Wallet which is located in the App. All funds eligible for Withdrawal will be held in the Wallet.

    Your Ainfluencer profile can be associated with only one Wallet and Payout Method.

    Revenues are only made available for withdrawal following a safety clearance period of between 10-14 after a Successful delivery of a campaign.

    Withdrawals can only be made in the amount available to you.

    Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. We will not be able to reverse this process once it has begun.

    The default currency for all transactions and withdrawals are in US$.

    Withdrawal Methods

    Withdraw to your PayPal Account
    For a list of PayPal services by country click here
    Direct Deposit (ACH)

    Canada only

    * Additional fees may apply based on your location and currency.